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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           JEKYLL AND HYDE (Gluck 2016) $30.00 DF
(Awesome Blossom X Winyah Eye)
5"X24" Tet EM Dor  Doubles 50% 
                     JEKYLL AND HYDE

   FRIENDS(Gluck 2016)  $8.00 DF
   JT Davis X Spacecoast Sea Shell
   5"X25"  Tet MLa EV
   Large deep rich rose eye with a  apricot hue, double
   ruffled rose and yellow edge, green to yellow throat

   FRIENDS again, close up view. 

   OCEAN SEAS (Gluck 2016) $20.00
   Regal Wedding X Fashion Police
   5.5"X20" Tet M SEV
   Wide splash of daylily blue eye and edge over cream
   white self.  Small design on  sepals
                        OCEAN SHORES
                          SCOTTISH LASS

   SCOTTISH LASS (Gluck 2016) $20.00 DF
   (Awesome Blossom X Strawberry Fields Forever)X
   Jelly Maker
   5.5"X26"  Tet MLa SEV
   Pink self with bright red eye and matching ruffled edge
   above a green to yellow throat.

   RUFFLES IN RED (Gluck 2016) 15.00 DF
   (Awesome Blossom X Winyah Eye)X Night Embers
   5"X38" Tet EM SEV
   Deep red ruffled overlay with thin white ruffled edge
                          RUFFLES IN RED

   ANNIVERSARY RING (Gluck 2016) $30.00 DF
   (Precious Candy X Jelly Maker)
   5" X 24" Tet M SEV
   Cream self with dominant lavender to violet ring above
   a green to yellow throat.  Reverse violet to lavender 
                    ANNIVERSARY RING
                ANNIVERSARY RING

    ANNIVERSARY RING (close up view)

   SCARLETT'S SPLENDOR (Gluck 2016) $30.00 DF
   (Ida's Magic X Rosy Scenario)X Alexa Kathryn)
   6"X27" TET MLa SEV
   Scarlett red with a flash of yellow above a green throat, 
                 SCARLETT'S SPLENDOR
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