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SPANISH MATADOR (Gluck 2012)  $25.00 DF

6"flower/30" scape,tet, sev, MLa (Siamese Royalty X Primal Scream)  A real standout to all visitors in the garden
                      SPANISH MATADOR

AMETHYST APPLIQUE' (Gluck 2012) $10.00 DF

6"flower/27" scape, dip, MLa, rebloomer (Blue Heart X Blue Veture) Bitone, purple petals with pattern appliuqe', lavender sepals, white midrib and edge
                  AMETHYST APPLIQUE'

                                                                                            ANGELS DESCENDING (Gluck 2012) $10.00 DF)

6.5" flower/ 25" scape, tet, MLa, Dor. (Sabine Baur X Clothed In Glory)   Lavender with bright yellow glow spreading out from a green throat, purple halo
                           ANGELS DESCENDING

 RED HOT WINGS (Gluck 2012)$40.00      
      7.5"flower 32" scape (Cameroons X Primal Scream)
Tet, M rebloomer.  Bright red above a large yellow throat.  Sepals sometimes curl,
                             RED HOT WINGS
                                     DIXIE DIVA

DIXIE DIVA (Gluck 2012) $20.00 DF
5" flower 20" scape
(Ed Brown X Strawberry Fields Forever)
Tet, EM SEV. Bright pink bitone, some sculpturing, ruffled edge above a green to yellow throat.
                         HAWAIIAN HIGHLIGHT

HAWAIIAN HIGHLIGHT (Gluck 2012) $20.00 DF
5.5" flower 25" scape, Tet, MLA, SEV
(Lucky Draw X Strawberry Fields Forever)
Cream with large dark rose eye, covering most of the petals, rose edge.  Very showy in the garden.
                                  SEA HAWK
SEA HAWK (Gluck 2012) $8.00 DF
7' flower 25" scape (Awesome Blossom X Jelly Maker)
Tet. MLa/rebloomer EV
Cream yellow with lavender to purple eye zone, purple/yellow double edge.  This flower is very showy in the garden with multiple blooms each day.
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